This is AS4242421488 (KOALA-AS) on dn42.

E-mail address is available on DN42's registry.

Network Information

ASN: 4242421488

DN42 IPv6 block: fd42:e621::/48
IPv6 only, no IPv4 available

Open for wireguard peering only, preferably link-local

List of current peers

Peering requests

Contact on IRC - kai at hackint or @kaikoala at telegram.

Peering Information

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Host name: tanuki.koala.gq

Link-local IPv6: fe80::3621
Wireguard public key: IL1Wkw5cLpGUUvFlYwAG4rAsw9lbd1QpTcBPsk/w/SM=
Default Wireguard port: last 5 digits of your ASN

In order to establish peering, please provide your ASN and wireguard parameters (IPv4 endpoint, port number, public key and link-local address).

Routing policy

I import all the routes I received and export all my routes to my peers

ROA is implemented and INVALID routes will be rejected